Paul Fennell

Owner + Designated Broker / MCNE

Change is the only constant.

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About Paul Fennell

Paul Fennell's real estate career began 25+ years ago starting as a very green rookie buyer’s agent on a hard charging team with a Re/Max office in the Bellevue suburbs of the Seattle, Washington area.   Due to the leadership/training/guidance of the owner, Paul was able to increase his volume of business within a one-year timeframe going from no (0) clients to averaging 2 buyers a month.  This led to the beginning of a monthly seminar presentation circuit in the Puget Sound area with the likes of Seafirst Bank (Bank of America), Countrywide, Wells Fargo, Washington Mutual, Home Stone Mortgage and Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU).   During this phase, the reach of consumer/customer blossomed to a level few in the industry matched.  Because of the increased volume of transactions, there was a new need for highly skilled agents to match consumer demand and Paul's focus shifted to trainer and sales manager of buyer agents.  This led to the final push of the Re/Max team to become one of the largest real estate teams in the Pacific NW area.  Paul was instrumental in the development/establishment of the owner’s desire to create an investor division that incorporated equity repositioning/whole life insurance/loan restructuring/property managing/long term wealth creation/liquidity reserve accounts all for long term stability and client's wealth creation.   However, the perfect storm approached in 2007 as the Great Recission, Paul's urge for a pivot in the industry and the Re/Max team's desire to continue moving forward with the same concepts and then all 3 collide so it comes down to:  Ending in Paul's making a huge decision for a significant change, leaving and switching firms in his real estate career.    At this time, Paul evaluates all of the vendor relationships especially focusing on Rocket Mortgage and this allowed him to cultivate the relationship using his "dog with a rag" attitude.  He started one of 10 agents as #10 with only 1 zip code between the 10 agents and was able to fight his way to being offered a position as head broker of the Rocket's real estate division in Washington state.  After careful consideration, he determined the best option for he and his family would be to start his own real estate firm with his former assistant and still maintain the exact Rocket Mortgage business flow and have the controlling interest coupled with the exclusive decision piece.  This was a very important component for starting Flux Real Estate so we could establish a very clear foundation which was - sellers and/or buyers and the consumer experience (getting back to the basics of how real estate should work).  Now as the preferred agency in 6 counties in Washington state for Rocket Homes/Rocket Mortgage, Flux Real Estate was able to increase their residential real estate transactions and at the same time enlarge agent count via strategic hiring practices.  This combination, along with consistent training and open communication lines at all levels, were pivotal in the additions of offices in Florida and Texas.   Paul's latest roles include designated broker in Seattle, as well as Florida plus leading the way in growth/expansion and production enhancement in all 3 locations.   However, after 25 years and now revisiting working with first time home buyers & move up sellers/buyers in the Florida market that has Paul excited.  Working again with these type of clients in a real estate transaction begins the next phase of growth in his real estate journey.  Returning to the daily duties of a sales agent (showings / educating / representing / advocating) will allow us to take a fresh look at the client experience making sure that their best interest is always first, continued ethics/morals, along with our fiduciary responsibility all combined are the embodiment of Flux Real Estate every single transaction.

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